Stem Cell Treatments



      • Utilizes Primitive NOT Mature Stem Cells
          • Enables More Growth and Capacity
      • Sourced From Your DNA
          • Autologous Stem Cells
          • MORE Compatibility
          • Growth + Stimulant Factors
          • MORE Regenerative Power
          • Hematopoyetic
          • MORE Integration
          • Mesenchymal
          • MORE Efficacy
          • NO 3rd Party Allogenic Stem Cells
          • NO Post-Procedure Issues
          • NO Rejection
          • NO Latent Diseases
      • Stem Cells Grown In the Laboratory
          • Performed On-Site
          • Nothing Is Outsourced
      • IV Infusion Therapies & Injections
          • Exogenous Delivery
          • Non-Invasive Procedure
      • Travel Concierge Services
          • Available 24 Hours A Day
          • Translator Available
          • Assistance with Administrative Tasks
          • Logistics Coordination
          • Help Planning Your Trip or Stay
          • 5-Star Accommodations On-Site via Quartz Hotel
          • Restaurants & Food Options On-Site
      • Financing Available
          • A Fraction of the Costs In the USA
      • State Of The Art Medical Facility
      • Gold Certification Award by the IBMS
          • Certified Stem Cell Treatment Center.
          • Authorized by COFEPRIS (Mexico’s FDA)
          • License number: 12-TR-02-004-0001
      • Procedures Starting at $150
      • Get Started Safely & Effectively



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